Thursday, October 10, 2013

Blinq Beauty Drink!!

wah...dah lama dah tak update!!!

apapun ari ni nak cerita sikit pasal Blinq Beauty Drink yang semakin popular dan hangat di pasaran..
saya ada menjual minuman kesihatan Blinq Beauty Drink (BBD)..rugi tak cuba tau..even Diana Amir pon minum blinq nih..FYI, blinq ialah 100% buatan bumiputera dan HALAL!! blinq mengandungi habbatus sauda yang merupakan salah satu makanan sunnah..
so, apa tunggu lagi?? jom berblinq bersama-sama..

You want to look younger??? want to look gorgeous??
want to loose your weight and at the same time want to stay healthy???
try BLiNQ Beauty Drink (BBD)..
BBD helps promote beautiful, healthy, youthful looking skin, helps you to get your ideal weight and can help prevent cancer!!!

so get your BBD now for only RM150/box of 30 sachets..

murah dan berbaloi-baloi...

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

JYJ and K-pop at Agence France-Presse: South Korea’s K-pop spreads to Latin America

News of the arrival of South Korean boyband JYJ prompted hundreds of fans to camp out on the streets recently to get closer to the trio. But this wasn’t in Seoul or even Tokyo: it was in Lima.
Having taken Asia by storm over the past decade with bubblegum hooks and dance moves infused with military precision, South Korea’s K-pop phenomenon continues to defy language barriers and find fans around the world. As South Korea continues to export its culture, K-pop’s polished fusion of influences ranging from hip-hop to dubstep is winning a growing number of passionate followers in Latin America.
JYJ has held sellout concerts there and a Colombian TV station is airing a K-pop talent show. Latin American fans have posted hundreds of videos on YouTube showing flash mobs emulating K-pop dance moves and urging their favourite stars to visit the continent, despite many not having officially released songs outside Asia.
Promoters are using the power of the Internet to lure distant fans and organise concerts in Europe and North and South America. ”Korean acts are not only monitoring but also monetizing their Twitter trends, Facebook likes, and YouTube views,” said Bernie Cho, president of DFSB Kollective, a Seoul-based creative agency providing digital media solutions to more than 350 K-pop artists.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

MBLAQ's Lee Joon cast for 'Ninja Assassin 2' on 'We Need A Fairy'

Translated: Stewart Ho @ enewsworld
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MBLAQ’s Lee Joon will be saying goodbye to his crush, Hwang Woo Seul Hye.

In the upcoming episode of KBS’ We Need a Fairy, Lee Joon and Hwang Woo Seul Hye will be saying farewell.

In the sitcom’s storyline, Lee Joon, who recently came to realize Sye Joo (Cha In Pyo) and Chae Hwa (Hwang Woo Seul Hye) were in love, comes to sort out his feelings for Hwang Woo Seul Hye and to say his final goodbye to her.

The pictures of his last farewell indicate a bittersweet atmosphere with Lee Joon holding up a big red heart-shaped box in front of Hwang Woo Seul Hye and another picture showing him giving her a final hug.

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon says goodbye to his one-sided love

Source: Xportsnews

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MBLAQ’s Lee Joon will say goodbye to Hwang Woo Seul Hye in the sitcom Sent From Heaven (Note: I Need A Fairy)

In the last episode of the sitcom, Lee found out that Cha In Pyo and Hwang have fallen in love with each other. He was very sad about his one-sided love. Then the pictures of Lee and Hwang sharing a hug were released and drew a lot of attention.

Tonight with Lee Seung Gi in Singapore

Tonight with Lee Seung Gi in Singapore

A fanmeeting in the making for more than a year, Lee Seung Gi will finally be holding his first-ever official event in Southeast Asia in Singapore on August 25. The multi-talented superstar will captive fans with his song performance and share a close and personal time with them. 

Date: 25 August 2012, Saturday
Time: 7:00 PM (Approximately 2 hours)
Venue: Kallang Theater

Ticketing Details:
Ticket Prices:
- Cat 1: $198
- Cat 2: $138
- Cat 3: $68

[M!Countdown] Released Backstage Preview of Wonder Girls, F(x) , Infinite & Boyfriend

Wonder Girls bring out “Like This” and “Girlfriend” for their comeback stage, meanwhile the five members of F(x) also return to M!Countdown stage with “Electric Shock” and “Jet” for the special stage. Boy group, Boyfriend make their comeback with “Love Style” along with “One Day”. Infinite took their trophy for “The Chaser” as the 1st Chart on MNet Rank.
F(x) reveils electrifying story of their comeback. Find out the reason why they burst into laughter!
Dance “Like This” with Wonder Girls! Girls tell a tip of sexy Hip Hop leg dance!
Boyfriend members talk the perfect boyfiend’s absolute condition??Cross Genes shows the superior genes of Asian!

The Boss to release 6th Japanese single "Honki Magic" in August

After having revealed their inclusion on the "Ai Ore!" OST earlier this year, it was unveiled that five member boy group The Boss will be releasing their 6th Japanese single in August.

Produced by popular Japanese group ORANGE RANGE's Naoto, and penned by his fellow bandmate HIROKI, "Hongki Magic/True Magic" is said to be an explosive pop rock dance tune. The release will be the group's second Japanese single of 2012, after "Jumping" which was released last March. It'll also be the second release in their "2nd Stage" concept, after closing their "Love Series" with their first full length album "Love Letters" last January.